Firearm Suicide Prevention in the U.S. Military: Recommendations From a National Summit

The US DoD has identified firearm suicide prevention as a key operational priority. One vital approach to addressing firearm suicides is through promoting lethal means safety, which involves the voluntary use of secure storage for personally owned firearms and/or temporarily moving firearms out of the home during risk periods.


The Summit identified 10 recommendations to enhance firearm suicide prevention messaging and interventions in the U.S. military, including (1) repeal or amend prohibitions on questioning service members about personal firearms; (2) develop, examine, and use common language for firearm injury prevention; (3) implement a universal approach to training on comprehensive firearm injury prevention; (4) encourage leadership across disciplines and levels; (5) aim for broad culture change; (6) support innovative research; (7) consider various outcome measures; (8) promote “cultural competence” for better communication; (9) reduce territorialism; and (10) develop creative partnerships.

Project Status:

Principal Investigators:
Marian E Betz MD MPH, Ian H Stanley PhD, Michael D Anestis PhD, Craig J Bryan PsyD ABPP, Jessica Buck-Atkinson MPH, Neil Carey PhD, Marjan Ghahramanlou-Holloway PhD, Brooke Heintz Morrissey PhD LCSW, Kathryn Holloway PhD, Claire Houtsma PhD, Rachel Kennedy PhD, Christopher M Paine PhD BCD, Rajeev Ramchand PhD, Joseph Simonetti MD MPH, Adam Walsh PhD LCSW, Erin Wright-Kelly DrPH MA

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