The GVRC was founded by the Rutgers Schools of Public Health and Criminal Justice in 2018. Our mission is to provide high-quality, multi-disciplinary research on gun violence causality and prevention and translate this research into clear and actionable policies and programs, therefore creating safe and healthy environments. GVRC aims to achieve this mission by partnering with local, state, and national experts accessing data to conduct research that identifies factors involved in gun violence. This initiative will help develop interventions to reduce gun violence and translate science into effective programs and policies to ensure their widespread adoption.


The focus is on research, training & education, and outreach. Capitalizing on the existing strengths of local, state, national agencies, and Rutgers ongoing collaborative relationships with these agencies.  With this collaborative effort, the GVRC works to facilitate data linkage that advances gun research throughout the state while producing and supporting original research on gun violence that reduces the burden on individuals and society by focusing on:

  1. The nature of gun violence, including individual and societal determinants of risk for involvement in gun violence, whether as a victim or a perpetrator
  2. The individual, community, and societal consequences of gun violence
  3. Prevention and treatment of gun violence at the individual, community, and societal levels
  4. The effectiveness of existing laws and policies intended to reduce gun violence, including the criminal misuse of guns
  5. Efforts to promote the responsible ownership and use of guns