The GVRC Trainee assist the Leadership Team on center research projects.

John Gunn

Postdoctoral Associate

John F. Gunn III, Ph.D. has a B.A. from Stockton University, an M.A.from (Rutgers University – Camden in psychology, and a Ph.D. in Family Science & Human Development from Montclair State University. John joined the Center in May 2019 and works as a postdoctoral associate in the School of Criminal Justice under the supervision of Michael Ostermann, Ph.D.

Research interests: Risk & Protective Factors for Suicidal Behavior (such as access to a firearm); Social Connectedness and Suicide; Theoretical Models of Suicidal Behavior; Impact of Media on Suicide.

Current projects: John is currently working on exploring the impact of firearm regulations on gun death rates (homicide & suicide), the role of gun retail workers in identifying and preventing suicide, the impact of firearm regulations on youth gun carrying behavior, and a number of non-firearm related research projects (e.g., the role of peer victimization in suicidal thoughts and behavior).

GVRC Contributors

The GVRC Contributors will work alongside the Leadership Team on GVRC Research projects. Contributors will gain an understanding, exposure, and experience on gun violence research.

Sam Daruwala, M.P.S.

Fourth year SEDL doctoral student

Sam's interests include military suicide prevention, help seeking for suicidal thoughts, and the role of firearms in suicide. > View Sam's CV

Taylor Rodriguez, M.S.

Third year SEDL doctoral student

Taylor's is primarily interested in traits (e.g., personality, sociodemographic variables) and preferences of clients and therapists as they relate to psychotherapy process and outcomes. > View Taylor's CV

Shelby Bandel, M.S.

Third year SEDL doctoral student at University of Southern Mississippi

Shelby's interests include non-suicidal self-injury, emotion dysregulation, firearms, and the association between sleep and suicide. > View Shelby's CV

Allison Bond, B.A.

Second year SEDL doctoral student

Allison's research interests include suicide prevention in the military, capability for suicide, and the intersection of trauma and suicide. > View Allison's CV

Kayla Wagler, B.S

Project Manager

Kayla Wagler, B.S. is the project manager for Project Safe Guard. She plays an invaluable role in the daily needs of our current clinical trial. Kayla plans to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology in the near future focusing on suicide prevention intervention research. Her interests include interactions of anxiety and suicide, and the specific needs of minority populations. > View Kayla’s CV