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New Jersey’s Gun Violence Research Center (GVRC), is among the first state funded research centers in the United States that conducts interdisciplinary research on the causes, consequences, and solutions to gun-related violence, while respecting the rights of legal, safe gun ownership, and use. The GVRC works in collaboration with and is supported by the
New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE)


firearm-related incidents annually in the U.S.


all firearm-related incidents end in death


average annual firearm deaths in New Jersey


FY25 Request for Proposals

GVRC Research Day Replay


GVRC executive director, Michael Anestis, PhD talks about "How Psychology Can Help Prevent Mass Shootings."

While the funding for gun violence research is still low, it’s growing. At the New Jersey Gun Violence Research Center (GVRC), Dr. Anestis and his colleagues split the shop into two sides: one focuses on funding and conducting gun violence research; the other disseminates the science of gun violence prevention in a way that’s not hidden behind paywalls, journals, or jargon. “We’re not an advocacy group,” Dr. Anestis says. “We’re not here to campaign for policies. We’re here to study what does and doesn’t prevent different forms of gun violence, and what we can do to help the victims of gun violence.”

101.5: Lets Talk Gun Violence

2022 Report on Firearms in New Jersey

The Rutgers NJ Gun Violence Research Center analyses and recommends policy actions toward reducing firearm violence and serving as a partner to other state systems. This forward-looking approach combined with in-depth expertise allows us to maintain the highest caliber of scientific and technical competency on firearm violence.