Gun violence results in serious physical, emotional, and social short- and long-term consequences for the individuals involved, but also takes a significant toll on families, peers, neighbors and the broader community. For too long, schools, emergency rooms, courtrooms and municipal services shouldered most of the burden of gun violence with little support for multi-faceted, multi-sectoral, collaborative, and evidence-based solutions. To address this problem, we must understand the causes of gun violence to better inform policy to reduce it.

Why Support the Rutgers Gun Violence Research Center?

Fill the Knowledge Gap Federal support for gun violence research has been stunted for decades. New Jersey has stepped up to the challenge to fill the knowledge gap. The New Jersey Gun Violence Research Center functions as an interdisciplinary organization, partnering with local and regional stakeholders to conduct research in a cross cutting and collaborative manner, to identify ways to move upstream and significantly impact the field of firearm violence prevention. Shape Policy Comprehensive science-based approaches should guide policy and practice regarding gun violence research and prevention. When you donate to the GVRC, you contribute to research that will yield new understandings and actionable steps to prevent gun violence and promote the health and safety of our communities. New Jersey Strong As one of only 2 State-funded gun violence research centers in the nation, your support will help New Jersey continue to lead in this important work, bringing expertise across disciplines and delivering insights that inform our understanding of gun violence in our community and across the country.