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To effectively study any topic, researchers need accurate and comprehensive data. This is particularly true with gun violence research. Data on this topic has major critical gaps, with no standardized data available on non-fatal shootings. Without the ability to track non-fatal cases of gun violence, we are looking at an incomplete picture of the true burden of firearm injuries.

Emergency Department Director Surveys

Objective:This study aims to develop and disseminate a survey to administer to New Jersey Emergency Department (ED) Directors at Non-Trauma Centers across...

Acoustic Gunshot Detection (Cooper ShotSpotter Study)

Objective:To compare the ShotSpotter data (data from audio sensors that detect the sounds of gunfire and triangulate its location) with the best...

Quantifying and Describing Burden of Firearm Injury in NJ

Objective:To obtain a more accurate estimate of New Jersey’s burden of firearm injury by linking records across three datasets:

Evaluating Accuracy of External Cause of Injury Codes in Firearm Injuries

Objective:To evaluate the accuracy of firearm-related external cause of injury codes reported in hospital discharge records.  We will examine whether external cause codes...