Examining the link between gun storage practices and attitudes, masculine gender norms, threat sensitivity, and suicide ideation among U.S. uniformed law enforcement officers 

This novel study will identify current gun storage practices and attitudes among currently employed U.S. uniformed law enforcement officers (ULEO), test the relations between suicide ideation and gun storage practices and attitudes, and test moderators of these relations. It will utilize a cross-sectional, online-based survey design. The rationale is that identifying current gun attitudes, gun storage practices, and suicide ideation among ULEO is the first step in promoting safe storage practices and suicide prevention in this population. This project aligns with the vision of the New Jersey GVRC by identifying the nature of gun attitudes, storage practices, and suicide ideation risk factors among a population at risk for self-directed gun violence.
This study’s expected outcomes are to identify 1) gun storage practices, gun attitudes, and suicide ideation experiences, 2) the relation between these variables, and 3) key moderators in a national sample of U.S. ULEO (N =300). Findings will provide preliminary solid data for a more extensive study, examining the most effective ways to promote safe storage practices among ULEO and inform ULEO gun safety messaging, including ULEO in NJ. This work will also inform life-saving suicide prevention for U.S. and NJ ULEO. 

Funded By:
New Jersey Gun Violence Research Center

Project Status:
In progress

Principal Investigator (PI):
Julianne E. Cary, MA

Co-Principal Investigator (PI):
Michael LeDuc, MA

Faculty Sponsor:
Sean M. Mitchell, PhD

Amount Awarded: