Eagleton Panel Survey: Perceptions of gun safety residents, gun owners, parents/adolescent

A substantial body of evidence supports the relationship between firearms in the home and the risk of firearm injury and death. Yet, our understanding of characteristics of firearm ownership that might increase or decrease this risk is not well established. To that end, the Center is collaborating with the Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling at Rutgers to survey New Jerseyans statewide on topics related to firearm violence, with a particular focus on parents/guardians, adolescents in the household, and firearm owners. The purpose of this work is to get a basic understanding of residents’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviors regarding firearm ownership and use, exposure to and consequences of firearm violence, and acceptability and need for various types of firearm violence prevention strategies.

The surveys will be conducted with samples of residents so that results are representative of various populations within the state. Results will be used to inform programs and policies to reduce the incidence of firearm violence.

Project Status:
In progress

Principal Investigators:
Bernadette Hohl
Michael Ostermann

Ariana Gobaud