Assessment of Firearm Storage Practices in the US, 2022

To develop a more thorough understanding of firearm storage practices, obstacles to using locking devices, and circumstances in which firearm owners would consider locking unsecured firearms.


We conducted an online survey between July 28 and August 8, 2022, recruiting firearm-owning participants from Ipsos KnowledgePanel (KP), a probability-based panel developed to be representative of English-speaking US adults (aged ≥18 years). The survey included an initial recruitment effort (3908 fielded, 2105 completed, completion rate: 53.9%; qualification rate: 97.5%) as well as an augment of military veterans (173 fielded, 102 completed, completion rate: 59.0%; 98.0% qualification rate). Qualification rate represents the percentage of individuals contacted about participation who met inclusion criteria for the protocol (aged ≥18 years, residing within the US). All participants provided informed consent, and participants were compensated with points that count toward an Ipsos incentive program. The protocol was reviewed and approved by the University of Colorado Institutional Review Board as well as the Department of Defense Human Research Protection Office. The study followed the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) reporting guideline.

Project Status:

Principal Investigators:
Michael Anestis, PhD; Jayna Moceri-Brooks, PhD; Rachel Johnson M.S.

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