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Vehicle Firearm Storage: Prevalence and Correlates in a Sample of Male Firearm Owners

In this study, we examined a sample of 408 male firearm owners oversampled for prior thoughts of suicide. We found that over 40% of firearm owners in the sample endorsed at least occasionally strong firearm in their vehicles, with 15% reporting that firearms in their vehicles are stored unlocked and and loaded. Those who stored firearms in their vehicles endorsed elevated scores on worry, negative affect, intolerance of uncertainty, and prior suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Given the increase in firearm thefts from vehicles in recent years, this highlights potential prompters of this risky behavior.

This cross-sectional study investigated the prevalence of occasional and permanent vehicle firearm storage as well as demographic and psychological correlates of this practice in a sample of N = 408 adult male firearm owners oversampled for historical thoughts of suicide. Participants completed an online survey for monetary compensation.

Project Status:

Principal Investigator (PI): 
Raymond P. Tucker

Raymond P. Tucker, PhD, Jeff Power, PhD, Sarah Pardue-Bourgeois, MA, Nicolas Oakey-Frost, PhD, Emma H. Moscardini, PhD, Shawn P. Gilroy, PhD BCBA-D NCSP LBA LP, Daniel W. Capron, PhD, Craig J. Bryan, PsyD ABPP, Michael D. Anestis, PhD

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