The Extremist: From Cambodia’s Killing Fields to Charlottesville

In March 2016, Professor Alex Hinton faced off with a genocidal extremist, Pol Pot’s “Brother Number Two,” while serving as an expert witness at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Cambodia. A year and a half later, white power extremists wreaked havoc in the streets of Charlottesville. His book, “The Extremist: From Cambodia’s Killing Fields to Charlottesville, U.S.A.,” brings these two seemingly unrelated events into a conversation to answer the question asked about both: why? This book tells the story of his testimony and how it sheds light on white power extremism in the United States. In both situations, some of the most critical issues of our time — truth and denial, human dignity, hate, moral choice, and extremism — were at stake.

Project Status:
In progress

Principal Investigator (PI):
Alexander Hinton, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Rutgers — Newark