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Factors contributing to honor-endorsing men’s suicide capability: Firearm ownership, practical capability, and exposure to painful and provocative events

In this study, we examined two samples comprised largely of White men living within the US. We found that firearm owners – particularly those who own for self-defense – are more likely than non-firearm owners to identify with honor culture. Honor culture identification was unrelated to firearm storage behavior. These findings highlight cultural differences between firearm owners and non-firearm owners that can help us better understand motivations for firearm ownership.

In two samples of mostly White U.S. men-one undergraduate sample (N = 472, Mage = 19.76) and one middle- to older adult sample (N = 419, Mage = 65.17)-we assessed honor ideology endorsement, PPEs, practical capability for suicide, and firearm-related outcomes.

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Principal Investigator (PI): 
Jarrod E. Brock, PhD, Raymond P. Tucker, PhD, Ryan P. Brown, PhD, Erin E. Harrington, PhD, Brian W. Bauer, PhD, Samantha E. Daruwala, PhD, Daniel W. Capron, PhD, Michael D. Anestis, PhD

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