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Conflict Resolution and The Arts: Gun Violence Prevention and Awareness and Juvenile Justice Involved Youth

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Project Description:
This project focuses on how at-risk youth experience the process of developing and participating in an arts-based program that focuses on gun-violence awareness and prevention over the course of a four-month period. This project takes a mixed-methodological approach, focusing on individual narratives as well as measured outcomes, such as self-esteem, coping and resilience, and how such may impact the lives of these vulnerable and at-risk juvenile justice involved youth while attending an alternative to detention program called the Evening Reporting Center (ERC) at a YWCA in a large urban city in New Jersey. This project will explore in detail how a well-developed Arts-based program lead by an experienced artist whose previous work with children and gun-violence is well-known, will affect the lives of approximately 20 to 25 youth ages between 12-18 years of age.

Community Organization:
Duda Panteado Fine Arts Inc.

Project Status:
In progress

Project Leads:
Duda Panteado
Bernadette Hohl
Elizabeth Sloan-Power

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